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madie in plaid top and plain skirt posing on their bed.

fall into place - styled by madie

made print mixing and leaning on a wall.

madie, artist and bushwick buyer, was a fashion star from the start. she incorporates a playful sense of humor into her style and doesn't take dressing too seriously.


madie leaning on a cinder block.

details of madies print mix look.


what inspires your style?

unique silhouettes and textures inspire my style. i like to try pieces that are more challenging to wear, and i get excited figuring out exactly how the rest of the look should fall into place. i'm super inspired by kitsch and playfulness, and like to get dressed with a sense of humor. it isn't that serious :p

earliest fashion memory?

my earliest fashion memory was going to target with my mom when i was 5, and wearing my portable dollhouse as a handbag just for the look.


madie in plaid top pulling pig tails.

madie leaning on a book shelf in their room.

madie posing on their bed.


what is the most special thing in your closet?

my most special piece is a margiela white label top from fw 2006, it's baby pink wool and held together with upholstery studs. i have shoes to match as well.

outside of buying, what are you up to these days?

i make clothing, and drawings, and paintings, hoping to make some more videos soon! 


madie sitting on a cement bench.
madie in slip and overized denim trench.
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photos by daniel calderwood

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