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please note our stores will be closed wednesday 6/19 in observance of the Juneteenth holiday.
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angel applying lip gloss on their roof.

fantasy self - styled by angel

angel laying on the roof.

described as a fairy nymph meets bratz doll, our bushwick buyer, angel slays this edition of styled by.

describe your style... 

according to my roommates, it’s fairy nymph meets bratz doll meets 2000s pop star. love that. i would describe my style as youthful and fun, but at the same time alluring and bold. i like the clothing i wear to parallel my free-spirited nature, but i can’t really commit to one specific style because i’m a very mercurial gemini. i like to play around and style pieces in different ways than originally intended. i feel most confident when i feel sexy, so i like to show a bit of skin and enhance my body shape (usually by pairing tight tops with bigger pants). most of all, i like to play around with the idea of “masculinity” and “femininity” in my outfits, and in my day to day life as well.


angel looking in the mirror.

what inspires your style?

when it comes to my style some of my biggest inspirations are; nymphs, celebrities in the early 2000s, models off duty in the 90’s, bratz dolls, and my friends. i’m also heavily inspired by jean paul gaultier, vivienne westwood, and maison margiela collections in the 90s, as well as christian dior, john galliano, and anna sui collections in the early 2000s. but also my best friends!

angel spray painting boots on the roof.

angel in said boots on their roof.

what was the inspiration behind this shoot? 

i wanted the photos to look like they came out of an editorial following an up and coming pop star. i’m such a drama queen and i wanted to have fun with it. my inspiration for the photos is probably the idea of a fantasy self and the person i’m trying to become. the person in the photos is angel cruz metamorphosing into their full form. 

angel reading interview magazine.
angel walking up stairs.

earliest fashion memory?  

i have two that really stand out. one is of my little sister and i having mock fashion shows, strutting around in gowns that we made out of bedsheets. another is of my seamstress mother taking me to the studio with her during ‘take your child to work day’; i remember playing with scrap fabric and pretending i was one of the seamstresses too.  i remember being scolded for both because fashion wasn’t something for “boys” to indulge in.


angel applying lipgloss with cropped sweater.

angel in betty boop ny.

outside of buying what are you up to these days? 

i just came back from a month-long backpacking trip and realized that i want to devote all my free time into music and dance, so i’m in a very metamorphic point of my life right now. these days i’ve just been working on reggaeton mixes and writing songs. i’m starting capoeira and pole dancing classes soon, and i’m enrolling back into school for music production in the fall.

bustier and denim jeans detail.

angel with music equipment on the floor.



photos by exo 
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