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delcey posing in front of their painting.

fashion and form-styled by delcey

delcey in layered look in front of a painting they did.

from the closet to the easel, delcey imbues her unique, unfinished aesthetic with grace and poise.


portrait from behind of delcey painting.

details of collar.

is that your artwork in the photos? tell us more!

yes! i had my friend dana shoot the photos for me and it was her idea to include pieces of my work into the shots. the largest piece is the red lady, which is acrylic paint on 7' x 5' paper. that one took me a year to complete and she basically takes up my whole living room.
i am really intrigued by the female figure and it’s exclusively what i have been painting and drawing. when i work on a piece i feel like i am exploring the natural shapes of women and also expressing how i feel about society's standards of the female body.

detail of skirt.

detail of floral belt.


does art influence your style?

my art doesn't necessarily influence the way i dress. i see my clothes and my art as two separate mediums that i can work differently with. i kind of have an unfinished or rough-around-the-edges touch to things. and i feel like that's the relating undertone between the way i dress, my illustrations, and the garments that i make.

delcey suited standing in front of a charcoal portrait they drew.

delcey seated next to silhouette drawing.


you reference a lot of different time periods. what's your favorite decade for fashion?

i am inspired by many different eras but the 90s are definitely my biggest influence. i like what a lot of underground brands were doing during that time as well as the factor that many previous eras were also featured throughout the 90s.

delcey posing in front of large scale form painting.


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photos by dana vaccarelli
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