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duo with their arms raised in the air at the grand canyon.

four corners

two people with their arms raised in the air at the grand canyon.

cassie & i giving the grand canyon the grandest view of all

bushwick buyer, emma, and three of her friends hit the road on a monumental journey through the southwest.

sedona az, the grand canyon, lake powell az, moab/arches nat’l park ut, ending at my fam’s condo in dillon, co

purpose of journey: to fulfill a shared dream of road-tripping through the southwest, and to celebrate my 28th birthday w/ some ladies i love at my family condo in the rocky mountains.

never travel without: for this trip, our essentials were rosewater spray, face sunscreen, nalgene water bottles, sunglasses, rosehip seed oil, spf chapstick & cheez-its

favorite outfit you packed: we all had to dress for utility (lots of hiking) & temps between 107 and 45, so all of us ended up looking like 70’s camp favorite of these looks being my guess jeans, jansport fanny pack, nike sbs (bday gift from my bf), and vintage 70’s tee that says “us female” in the style of the us postal service, because it was so comfortable & easy.

how many pairs of shoes: 3. tevas, danner hiking boots, and nike sb’s..the only shoes i own not found at beacons

what were you listening to: lots of early 00’s hip hop, canned heat, the band, bob dylan, wu-tang, fleetwood mac, steely dan...basically classic road trip tunes. and the podcast spooked when we were driving late at night through the desert.

favorite meal: we cooked a lot of really excellent meals together, but the best might have been cassie’s loaded grilled cheese. she was like an even more manic mario batali while she was cooking for us, cracking all of us up

highlight of the trip: for me, it was spending the entire day among orange sandstone formations, swimming in the crystal clear lake powell on the utah/arizona state line. for shiloh, it was climbing out onto the crazy cliffs in the grand canyon, something she didn’t think she was capable of before. for cassie, it was running around our super 70’s condo in colorado, high on altitude. & for laura it was spending quality time with girlfriends--- laughing, cooking, staying up all night, climbing mountains, de-stressing--- being able to be present with each other left us all inspired by one another.


people standing next to sign that says welcome to the flinstones campground.
stumbled upon this weird flinstones campground, restaurant, and “amusement park” about an hour outside of the grand canyon on our second day. it was built in 1974, and was probably the best $5 i ever spent. shiloh & i at the welcome sign.

left to right: person standing next to wilma (flinstones) image, and a person on top of dinosaur sculpture.

(l) me and my loving wife, wilma
(r) shiloh about to make her descent down the metal (and very hot) dino slide

two people playing with a dinosaur slide in a park.

cassie and i backdropped by the dino slide at the flinstones park. this see-saw was a death trap in the best way

a person riding a skeleton dinosaur.

shiloh serving daenerys targaryen realness on her dinosaur skeleton

three people sitting on the edge of a cliff.

shiloh, cassie, & me at the grand canyon’s south rim! it was so expansive it almost looked fake!

left to right: a person smoking a cigarette, and a wall with graffiti.
(l) my grand canyon/flinstones look - a mens size 6x work shirt, a fake dior tank, giant gold hoops, and my tilda swinton x gentle monster sunglasses that i promptly lost somewhere in the canyon (rip)  
(r) leaving our mark on the grand canyon -- dont worry, no limestone was harmed! this was a park designated graffiti spot, underneath a cliff hanging

a person sitting on a cliff overlooking the grand canyon.

sunset at the grand canyon

trio standing on a dirt road in sedona, arizona.

our first day, on the side of the road in sedona. shiloh, me, & cassie 

two people walking on a rocky path near a body of water.
cassie and i make our descent to lake powell, just on the outskirts of grand staircase national park in page, az
a black and white photo of a person in a bikini laying on a rock.

shiloh at lake powell

left to right: a sand path, and two people swimming in the water.

(l) the terrain we hiked through to get to lake powell, it felt like we were on mars
(r) shiloh & i in the crystal blue waters of lake powell

horseshoe bend in arizona.

horseshoe bend in page, az

a person in a red dress sitting on a cliff overlooking a river.

horseshoe bend was so hot my face turned purple right after this photo

person posing next to a yellow old volkswagen.

cassie in moab, ut at a junkyard for old volkswagons

duo posing with arms up inside the north window arch.

shiloh and i inside the north window arch at arches national park

two people holding hands, posing for a picture.

shiloh & i in arches national park -- repping my vintage aaliyah shirt

a person standing on a dock in a lake.

cassie on the dock at my family condo in dillon, co. the elevation is about 9,000ft & she is backdropped by the tenmile range, whos highest peak is 14,000

two people posing on the dock.

cassie and shiloh on the dock in dillon

two people sitting on a fallen tree in a forest with river.

cassie & i having our camp counselor moment in frisco, co

left to right: two people standing at dirt road, and a person posing with a yellow sweatshirt.

(l) shiloh and i on the tenmile trail in frisco, co
(r) my prized lays shirt from 1992, in the woods around blue river in summit county, co.

a person is standing on a dirt road in the mountains.

laura’s arrival!!! on the way back from picking her up in denver, i drove us through loveland pass. loveland used to be the only way you could get into the mountains back when my father’s parents bought our condo in 1969. there is no guardrail, and it winds around the sides of the rockies the entire way. a fun drive, but not for the faint of heart.

group of people standing in front of a sign that says loveland pass.

the summit of loveland pass, in the famous continental divide. taken by a brave dude who was riding his bicycle through the pass, which sounded like our collective nightmare.

a person with sunglasses is standing on a dock next to a body of water.

laura looking like a total betty on the dock in dillon

left to right: a person posing with sunglasses, and two people standing  at manhattan bar.

(r) laura and i in front of the manhattan bar in leadville, co on my 28th birthday. leadville sits at 10,000ft elevation and is home to my favorite rock/crystal shop, the rock hut.

quartet making funny faces, sitting on a swing in front of a house.

the whole gang on the porch swing at the condo. beauty, grace, and elegance.


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photos by shiloh zielkecassie paras

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