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ren in slip leaning on counter in front of kitchen window.

frame of mind-styled by ren

ren in slip in the kitchen.

beacon's buyer and clothing designer, ren has a style that mirrors their mood. in this edition of styled by they serve us a mix of salty and sweet, naughty and nice.


ren in mini skirt tee and over the knee boots.

describe your personal style

i would say my personal style is a reflection of my mood or how i'm feeling in a particular moment. my closet ranges from designer items to random vintage pieces to skate brands.


wren in prep school look wearing a mask and laying on the carpet.e
ren in skinny puppy tee.

you design clothes-tell us more about your creations?

i actually included a dress i made in the photo of me on the sidewalk (with my neighborhood cat, Baby, whom i love very deeply). i've been making clothes since i was 14 and since then can't really see myself doing anything else.

ren in scarf and hat posing out of their window.
ren and cat on sidewalk.

what trends are you seeing in fashion currently?

some trends i've noticed recently are cultural appropriation and big brands with a lot money profiting off of the ideas and designs of smaller brands :)

ren in wig with cigarette in mouth.
ren in all black look posing on stoop.


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photos by jameson montgomery

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