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from the block - styled by b.hawk

from the block - styled by b.hawk

portrait of b.hawk.

bronx native and beacon's closet buyer, b. hawk makes his presence known with his larger than life style. we caught up with him on a walk around the city.

b.hawk at the kingston stop.

b.hawk portrait with their hair out.


you're from the bronx. how has the city defined your style?

growing up in the bronx has inspired me a lot creatively. it's the birthplace of hip hop and has given me the edge i need to hustle around the busy streets of new york city. i have a few great plans up my sleeves but firstly, to put the bronx back on the map. it's a really beautiful place.

b.hawk standing in front of no parking garage.

b.hawk outfit detail.

what do you outside of being a buyer beacon's?

it's been a pretty cool roller coaster ride these past 3 years. i've been working on my art blog called "pinnedXstitched," which shines a light on upcoming creatives. we've been featured a lot on i'm also focused on my music and being a brand ambassador for upcoming designers and t.v. projects.

b.hawk standing in front of usps truck.
b.hawk sitting on usps truck.

your hair is amazing! it stirs up emotions in me. please tell us anything you want about it-your process, what you love about it, anything at all. please comment!

i cut my dreadlocks off in 2015 after having grown them for almost 5 years. since then i've been experimenting a lot with different hairstyles and looks i've always wanted to do. it's just another way of me expressing who i am at that moment.


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photos by curtis bryant 
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