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garments of power - styled by hailey

garments of power - styled by hailey

lens jim stark 

hailey builds her looks like a collage, drawing from all of her eclectic influences. but the finished product is all her own.

vintage ysl suit. lens jim stark

you seem to take a lot of style influence from the art world. true? who or what in particular from it influences you?

absolutely! i grew up in a pretty homogenous suburb of detroit and was constantly seeking cultural stimulation in the form of music, movies, books, and artwork. i take a lot of style influence from people i look up to, whether it be a musician, writer, coworker, or fictional character. some people are geniuses, there are so many different ways to wear clothes!  i have a million different screenshots and notes on my phone like, “wear silk scarves around your wrists asap!!” i’m always trying to interpret these gems into something personal and authentic.

i am mostly inspired by clothes themselves and my emotional reaction to them. i’ve found that the more i interact with different types of clothing, the more i know what i’d like to wear on my body. sometimes i’ll come across something that i love so much and can’t help but wear it for the next three days.

i try to incorporate and reference whatever’s interesting to me at the moment and build on it, like a collage. it makes me feel more connected to the people i admire.

vintage dress. lens elizabeth sanzari 

vintage boots. lens elizabeth sanzari 

favorite era for fashion and why?  richard hell, circa 1976. that’s all. 

elie tahari pants, maison margiela boots. lens mason wilson  

vintage + hand made rings. lens mason wilson 

oak leather skirt. lens karin hostettler

what is your most prized closet possession?

my most special pieces are not necessarily the most luxurious or rare, but rather, make me feel safe, powerful or capable when i’m wearing them.

some “garments of power” include a threadbare cashmere sweater given to me by my aunt, this vintage embroidered metallic gold topper coat pictured here, and a textured silk skirt that looks like it’s dripping in black fur. 

vintage embroidered metallic gold coat. lens karin hostettler

lens josie kirsch

lens josie kirsch

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interview by julia popescu  

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