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polaroid collage of maz.

heightened sense - styled by maz

polaroid collage of maz.

our new hire and textile designer mazlyn opens up about the fashion industry and what is inspiring her right now. she's so cute and creative she even stitched together her polaroids.

how did you first get interested in textile design?

textile design is the perfect fusion of two different art forms happening simultaneously. my hearing loss heightens my other senses, so the combination of visuals and touch have always been attractive to me. people tend to dismiss textile design as an art form, when most think of textiles, they think of tangible items, not art. fast fashion is the devil!

maz posing laying down in their room.
maz seated in their room.


what inspires you?

a lot of my ideas evolve from things that people tend to overlook, or even ignore. something simple like the mold and dirt under a potted plant, or the walls in your house — what’s on them? what’s on the other side? am i trapped or in privacy? i’ve become hyper aware of the gentrification happening in my neighborhood and all around me....the side effects of this issue lend visual cues for us to question what is going on beyond our own bubble. visual ‘inspiration’ is great, but i think it’s important to look beyond your own interests.


polaroid collage of maz.


how would you describe your style right now?

i’m never really sure. i think my look develops from the key pieces i find. a lot of textures, colors, and forms, combined with compulsive layering. sometimes my mix and match style has me looking like a hoarder’s house.


vertical polaroid collage of maz.


how do you think the fashion industry can improve?

this is a topic that i could discuss across an encyclopedia set. however, some key points to be made include the fucked up hierarchy, enslaved workers overseas, free interns, and the industry’s attitude towards everything regarding weight, race, and status. the detrimental effect on the environment; the waste and uses of materials is also a huge issue to me. buy secondhand and/or conscious brands so you can save the world and look gud!  


maz in layered look looking into their bag.
maz in gorgeous layered look seated and loom.
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photos by nick reilly

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