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kaitlin portrait in cowboy hat.

high and low - styled by kaitlin


portrait of kaitlin in hat.

kaitlin’s style is a mix of high and low, bold and subdued. this greenpoint buyer is drawn to the contrast and conflict of innovative dressing.

describe your style... i would say that my style is somewhere between wannabe fashionista and basic instagram thot. who’s very lazy and noncommittal.

what inspires your style? how much i’m eating that day


kaitlin eating pizza.

what was the inspiration behind this shoot?
i really just wanted to show a true expression of my style (on a good day) in relation to my everyday life. i like to mix high and low, ”fancy” and casual, bold and subdued often. i think the most interesting outfits/scenes come from contrast, and what’s more conflicting than crocs and armani put together in one outfit? a person in a slick white suit eating a sloppy pizza over their greasy pizza box?


kaitlin pouring wine.


earliest fashion memory? my mom bought herself and i these matching, awful, shapeless blue fish-print sack dresses with ric-rac trim when i must have been 6 years old. i just remember being like “there’s no way i’m wearing these over my new gauchos.”


kaitlin hula hooping.


what in current fashion is exciting for you? i’m really excited by the number of companies that are out there creating really fluid, innovative, thought-provoking, and influential clothing. i feel like this is one of the best times for fashion - although there’s still a lot of room for improvement (especially in relation to diversity and acknowledging and respecting different cultures/groups) the industry, in general, is moving towards a really beautifully realized space for all persons to play in. the experimentation with materials and silhouettes and the acknowledgment of different genders and races and beliefs is really something that hasn’t been seen often in fashion history. everything is free reign, which i think is ultimately a good thing.


kaitlin in bed on their phone.


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