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polaroid in front of cemetery.

invisible forces-styled by elizabeth

elizabeth in gorgeous look with wind blowing their hair.

designer and beacon’s buyer, elizabeth, draws inspiration from the paranormal and fashion eras past. our vintage obsessed muse also practices feng shui and has that good qi!


how would you describe your style right now?

i'm obsessed with vintage, i have been since i was kid but it's finally manifesting itself full force. i'm currently coming out of 50’s phase. i was inspired by the innocence of teen culture in that era. over the past three months i've exclusively worn a pair of vintage saddle oxfords to the ground. i become obsessed with certain pieces and my style branches from it. right now my favorite items are a 20's chartreuse silk gown and a green 70's patched girl scout jacket which i have been pairing together for a nonsensical look, haha.

elizabeth posing at dark in tree. 

profile of elizabeth in vintage petticoat.


as a designer what is currently inspiring you?

i'm currently working on a small collection of handmade costumes. a part of the reason that i love vintage so much is the soulful way that many of the pieces are made- especially home-made pieces. if you look at an edwardian or 20's dresses they aren't sterile or perfect but have so much authenticity and character. i'm working on incorporating this in my next project. i'm also really into the paranormal so there will be undertones of- magic, aliens, ghosts and crystals in my work.

elizabeth holding tarot cards with temporary tattoos/stickers on their face.

elizabeth seated in tarot print shirt.


having trained with a feng shui master - can you give us a few tips for living in the city?

since we live in such small spaces it's important to surround ourselves with things that make us happy. an extremely effective way to be stagnant is to be surrounded by things you don't necessarily like or use. don’t hold onto objects that you are less than stoked about or feel obligated to keep. belongings such as gifts, or things you think you might need in the future but never use, drain your qi. our spaces are a reflection of ourselves, when you are surrounded by items that make you joyful your life will reflect joy. it's very liberating to get rid of things that do not reflect your present or where you want to go. your possessions are symbols of you- be especially careful with what images you surround yourself with.

i used to own a roy lichtenstein 'drowning girl' print. it's an image of a girl engulfed in water that reads ‘i don't care! i'd rather sink than call brad for help!' - in hindsight i shiver. i kept it for years because I felt obligated to. i lugged it from apartment to apartment despite the fact that i had lukewarm feelings about it. last year i realized, with the help of my feng shui professor, that a) it symbolized suppression of emotions, death, sorrow and isolation and b) i was majorly attracting that energy so ..... i threw it out!

elizabeth standing in front of fence of a cemetary.

seated on fence looking into cemetery.


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photos by chris lloyd

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