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brooke sitting at their desk painting their nails.

making it on time - styled by brooke

brooke seated at a desk in their room.

brooke’s girly, carefree style has us and her growing number of tumblr fans totally charmed. she’s a master of mixing-and-matching but the effect looks effortless and spontaneous. let her adventurous and crafted looks inspire your spirit.

brooke portrait with hands clasped under chin
brooke watering their ivy.

your style is so fun and imaginative, like you approach getting dressed with total play. what’s your process when putting together an outfit?

dressing myself has been my favorite means of self-expression since i was small. i dress to entertain myself and to conjure a mood in my day-to-day. right now i’m really enjoying being and dressing like a girl. i’m also feeling the visual vibes from that cheesy film but i’m a cheerleader combined with a need to dress for survival against the elements. getting dressed will also always be a race against the clock for me, every time…i guess it’s...exhilarating? making it on time, despite all the odds, it often ends in “haha” fashion combos.

you’re from australia. how does fashion differ there?  

yes! i am from perth in western australia where the temperatures rarely ever get below 50 degrees fahrenheit. having typically hot summers and super mild winters lends itself to very carefree dressing. in general people are pretty conscious of dressing for comfort and practicality that has spawned some really exciting lifestyle-driven labels.

brooke in full look posing lying down on their bed.
brooke climbing out of their window.

tell us about your tumblr, plaid hair day! how did it come about?

plaid hair day is a collaborative style project with #trufriend, #truartist, #truroomie, fellow beaconeer and style extraordinaire, steffy yaryar. it’s a documentation of what we are wearing each day. phd was born from many moments of outfit envy/inspiration/appreciation combined with a shared fondness for odd aesthetics and unconventional styling.  

what is your favorite piece in your closet?

do I have to choose one? I’m going to break the rules and give you two (sorry but they both deserve honorable mentions). number one is a knitted gold vest that my grandmother made for my brother when he dressed as an indian prince for a performance in primary school. it was later fished out of the dress-up box, totally unraveled. so we sewed it back together and it now lives on as a top. my grandmother has terrific style! number two is my vintage bill blass puffer jacket which used to belong to a friend. i feel like my life is split in two parts, a) life before puffer jacket and, b) life with puffer jacket. that thing has literally saved my life, from cushioning near death slips in the snow to transforming into a pillow under my head. puffer jacket, this is ultimately an ode to you. 

brooke holding a mannequin hand against their face.
brooke posing with a cookie in their hand.

follow brooke’s style at plaid hair day.

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