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ashley posing on bed spread in vintage piece.

masculine side - styled by ashley

ashley in ace of spades shirt dress.

manhattan buyer ashley discusses her work and boyish/brat style. anything too pretentious or stylized is a turn off for this 70’s clown punk!   


ashley in vintage dress laying on the bed.

ashley seated on the ground in vintage piece.

how would you describe your personal style right now?

lately i’ve been exploring a more “masculine” side i suppose. kind-of boyish/brat/punk, which was my vibe around age 15, before i started to care about what people thought of me. overall, i usually describe my style as “70s clown slut punk”

ashley in checkered dress on couch.

ashley on land line looking at reflection of wall mirror.


how did you first get interested in clothes? earliest fashion memory?

i think the crucial point for me was finding the fruits magazine anthology at my local bookstore in florida. i taught myself to sew by making costumes and cosplay outfits fashioned after anime characters.


ashley posing next to a fake christmas tree.


outside of buying what are you up to these days?

i’ve been making videos with my best friend and roommate kat imperial. we shot our friend daeva’s music video upstate, and will be releasing it soon. i’m really excited to collaborate and make more videos this year.

ashley in clown costume seated on couch.

as a costume designer where do you look for inspiration?

fashion history and music have always been big influencers for me. the look influences the sound and vice versa.
i’ve never been good with reading the manual or doing things neatly. needless to say my sewing teachers in college were never happy with me. however, nowadays i find that a sloppy and childish approach is what i’m drawn to in terms of making costumes and props for videos. anything too pretentious or stylized is a turn off for me.


ashley seated in front of barbie dream house.


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photos by marcus mcdonald


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