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brenden on the beach in a look.

neptune - brendon styled by stephanie


brendon in conceptual look posing on beach.


in this edition of styled by brendon takes us away in beachy elegance

brendon what was the inspiration behind this shoot?

castaway in rockaway


four polaroids of brendan on the beach.


what meaning do clothes have for you

i'm inspired by and appreciate the creative artistry behind beautifully designed clothing but ideally i would be adrift in the adriatic wearing the same shredded t-shirt and flip flops everyday.


brendan posing in monarch butterfly painted vintage bus stop.

describe your style

beachy elegance in a state of decay

four polaroids of brendon at vintage bus stop.

you're an avid traveler - do your travels and the cultures you've experienced influence your style?

definitely, but in subtle ways. i love exploring the markets for native accent pieces while i’m traveling. a talisman for good fortune maybe, textiles for projects never to be completed, traditional silver crafts, locally woven & hand dyed scarves. whatever treasure i find acts as a vessel for memories from abroad, offers a glimpse into a cultures creativity, and helps support local artisans and designers

black and white image of brendon in front of foliage.


describe the most surreal place you've visited

everywhere, but jaisalmer was a hallucination. a mirage sculpted out of sandstone and magic close to the border of pakistan and india. ornate havelis, a golden fort and marbled jain temples create a monsoon of beauty in the rainless desert.


brendon in floral two piece

what's your top travel tip?

don’t over plan or over pack, but do overstay. keep an open mind, sip some wine and everything will be just fine

how many countries have you visited?

as a hopelessly lost albatross, never enough

four polaroids of brendan on boardwalk.

styled by: stephanie williams featuring brendon mills and his wardrobe
special thanks to karmella fiebke for hosting   
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