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portrait of iris leaning on dresser.

new documentary "iris" celebrates the legendary fashion icon


iris apfel looking amazing as usual.

iris apfel has been cast in many roles throughout her 93 years-the white house interior designer, the “rare bird” of fashion, the self-proclaimed first woman to ever wear jeans. she’s inspired an exhibition at the MET and now she’s known as the subject in the latest documentary by albert maysles (of grey gardens and gimme shelter fame) which examines her fabulous, if not easily pinned-down, identity in the world of fashion and the arts.

we know her by her owl-framed glasses, her jumbo jewels, her larger-than-life persona. maysles seeks to take a closer look at ms. apfel, studying her unexpected shopping habits (which range from trawling the african shops of harlem to attending swap meets) and her adorably loving 66-year-long relationship with her husband carl (they wear the same scent!). if we didn't already feel so connected to this warm and vivacious great dame of fashion, we'll get the full effect soon enough in iris, which opens in new york on april 29. 

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