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paola standing in front of painted wall.

nonverbal communication - styled by paola

paola posing in front of fence.

artist, designer and manhattan buyer paola takes a sporty spice moment for this edition of styled by.

what was the inspiration behind this shoot?

it's like a sporty spice moment. a little sportswear, streetwear, and some designed by me wear :)

paola full body shot in front of fence.

what meaning do clothes have for you?

clothes are really interesting to me because they are individual and cultural artifacts, you can tell a lot about a person or a group by what they wear. it's the most ubiquitous form of nonverbal communication.


paola in front of painted brick wall.

detail of back of paola's jacket.


what are some of the most special things in your closet?  

beacons has blessed me with so many pieces that i love; i have a pair of comme pants that were in kawakubo’s met exhibit, a final home transparent raincoat, an 80’s issey miyake jacket, and an old school presidente tshirt which is precious because it's dominican asf.


paola in tank and camo pants in front of door.

outside of buying what are you up to these days?

working on my own art and design which you can see on my website, i'm hoping to continue the topic of my thesis from parsons and develop a strong, unique, fashion identity for the dominican republic.

paola squating in previous look in front of door.


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photos by gabriela

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