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calvin seated in their backyard.

perfect fit-styled by calvin

calvin posing with step ladder.


beacon's staffer calvin keeps it simple with distinct cuts and understated pieces in this edition of styled by.


calvin with high collar coat and hat.

describe your style…

my style has always been simple and a bit understated. i’m drawn to distinct cuts and silhouettes in clothing. a well fitted pair of jeans and a jacket on top, that brings me a lot of comfort.

calvin at drum kit.

calvin seated on an amp.

earliest fashion memory?

when i was fifteen, i went with my family on a trip to europe and i remember being obsessed with what kids in london and paris where wearing. it was a whole different style language from what i was used to growing up in texas and it really stuck with me.

calvin standing on a lowes bucket in their backyard.


what is the most special thing in your closet? 

one of my favorite things i own these days is an unbranded japanese-made paper sun hat. it’s very simple, but the longer i hold on to it, the more the paper wrinkles and weathers and i find that super satisfying.

portrait of calvin.


outside of buying what are you up to these days?

outside of beacon’s i try to model as much as i can. i also recently started an art project with nick mahan called lizardland ranch. we’re creating cut-and-sew bags featuring nicks’ painting. it’s been a fun and creative process without any guidelines.

calvin seated in their backyard.


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photos by kristi christiansen 

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