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ereka in halloween themed look.

spellbound - styled by ereka

ereka in halloween inspired look on fire escape.

multidisciplinary artist and bushwick buyer ereka crafts 5 halloween inspired looks for this edition of styled by.

what was the inspiration behind this shoot?

halloween!! i've had a costume box for as long as i can remember. i was so excited to do the styled by for october. my looks were inspired by gwen stefani, mary kate olsen, and zoe kravitz as audrey hepburn in big little lies. i also did the white rabbit in a grungy wonderland and a character from battle royale.

ereka in bunny years and clock purse posing on ladder.

what or who is currently influencing your style?

ann demeulemeester, viktor and rolf, and vivienne westwood. japan. also my work. i work part-time as a set designer and started to destroy a lot of my clothes. i've had to learn to compose cute looks based on their utility. it’s had a major impact on my overall style.

ereka in plaid look posing against painted corrugated wall with a black cat.


how did you first get interested in clothes?

my mother is a singer. she's always had two closets. one regular closet and one costume closet. growing up i loved the costume closet. it was filled with glued on swarovski crystals, feathers, boas, screen printed pants, tights and wigs in every color. to this day i live life as though i get dressed in the costume closet. why even have the other one? i love adventurous accessories and functionality in clothing.

ereka posing on a stoop.

what in current fashion is exciting you?

i enjoy athleisure. i'm so happy its cool to be comfortable now. which has given way to awesome tech wear that i find inspiring. i've always been into cyberpunk and early 90s club kid fashion. the place where technology and fashion cross are reaching new highs. super exciting.

ereka in vintage dress, gloves and pearls seated at dresser.

what are some (or one), of the most special things in your closet

i went to japan last year for the first time. i stayed with a friend at his mother's house in osaka for the first week. she knew i wanted to find kimonos while i was there. before we left to another island she gifted me 3 kimonos from her closet. a spring, a winter, and a coat kimono. they are priceless and i'm so grateful still.

ereka on the roof with a kitchen pot in hand.

outside of buying what are you up to these days?

i work as a set designer and installation artist on the side. producing interactive and participatory events all over the world. i also make jewelry inspired by light and functionality, styling music videos whenever i'm lucky. and lots of dancing.

another angle on roof with pot in hand.


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photos by @diirby

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