🔥 Feeling the Heat? ❄️ Cool Off with Us! Our stores have icy cold AC
🔥 Feeling the Heat? ❄️ Cool Off with Us! Our stores have icy cold AC
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tumbao pop up shop.

tumbao pop up

tumbao pop up sign.


que se hace con tanto amor? - a unique and empowering space fostering the creativity of new latin artists. tumbao is a new york/mexico city pop up curating unique, playful art and fashion; made by emerging latin american designers. tumbao is a space full of fun, creative and refreshing artists. 


valentina pozo, tumbao's founder, with genoveva pedredo.


designer and patrons.



valentina pozo, tumbao's founder, collaborated with genoveva pedredo, the designer behind mexican brand de maria. tumbao’s first pop-up store was located in williamsburg, and this edition is taking place at 20 orchard st. 



patrons of pop up enjoying their time.


tumbao designer featuring hanging underwear.


tumbao pop up party scene.


tumbao pop up food diptych.


tumbao is more than a store. this experiential retail pop up hosts dinners, dj sets, exhibitions, and creates meaningful experiences for their community. they hosted gush ‘s first irl experience, a salsa class, and a mezcal tasting. 


tumbao pop up clothing.
tumbao pop up jewelry.


tumbao pop up shoe and accessories.
de maria bags.

from intricately designed clothing and hand-painted silks, to unique hair accessories and ceramic pieces, tumbao's curated selection is a proof of their love and commitment to fashion, creativity, and the latin community.


20 orchard st 
january 5th - 31st 
thursday to sunday 12pm-7pm 
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