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visual dialogue-styled by adam

visual dialogue-styled by adam


beacon's buyer, adam, reminds us not to take fashion too seriously! the multidisciplinary artist demonstrates his style and wit in this playful set.


do you tend to approach fashion with a sense of humor?

absolutely. i've always been into clothing and fashion but the thing that appeals to me is that it's not that serious. to me, it's a way to play with exposing whatever you may want to the outside world, and that can be very fun and hilarious. i wanted to work with my sis jake dibeler for this project because i feel like we have a similar connection with clothing and humor, and i think that came across.


you are 6'11". how does this affect your style?

being this tall can sometimes be problematic in terms of finding pieces that fit, but at the same time it allows me to wear certain oversized items that may be more difficult for others. i like to accentuate my size with volume and proportion and i'm always aware of what i'm wearing because by being this tall, i'm constantly on display whether i like it or not.


what piece in your closet do you always feel good in?

i'd have to say my all-time, feel-good items are oversized (i'm talking 5XL) black tee shirts.  i love the feeling of being engulfed in soft fabric. it's comforting but makes me feel chic and cool at the same damn time.  


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photos by jake dibeler

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