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nina posing in front churchkhelas, old-fashioned georgian treats made from of grape juice and walnuts. at bottom, fruits like watermelon and strawberries.


nina, a native georgian, travels to the motherland to get her fix of dumplings and domes.

behind me are churchkhelas, old-fashioned georgian treats made
from grape juice and walnuts


destination: tbilisi, georgia

purpose of journey: nostalgia, family

never travel without: sunglasses, red lipstick

favorite outfit you packed: helmut lang leather pants, sonya rykiel light coat and vans x kenzo tennis shoes

how many pairs of shoes: five

what are you listening to: light asylum

favorite meal: khinkali (georgian dumpling)

highlight of the trip: beyond delicious food (seriously)

nina seated, poses for a photo surrounded by handmade rugs for sale.

handmade carpets for sale

nina sits in a circular place with the historic brick building of abanotubani ("baths area") behind her, and a cityscape to the right.

a beautiful place called abanotubani, which means “baths area,”
is one of the oldest areas in tbilisi and is built on a natural hot water spring

nina walking in the 'abanotubani' with mountains and lush greenery in the background.
nina seated and facing the camera, with a cityscape behind her, people near houses, and a parked car in the background.
nina poses in the center of the photo, wearing sunglasses, with a colorful mosaic wall behind.

handmade mosaic in old tbilisi

wide angle of a blue wedding house.

a blue wedding house

nina waving hair, walking through the streets of old tbilisi.

the streets of old tbilisi

nina stands on a staircase posing for a photo, next by two brick buildings.
sculpture detail of an old balcony.

a detail of an old balcony

nina posing in front the door of an orthodox christian church - full body shot.

the door of an orthodox christian church. orthodox christianity is the major religion of my country

nina sits on a sofa, arm resting on a cushion, looking at the camera, with a wall featuring traditional arabic symbols behind.

the arabic cafe called leila is a must see in tbilisi, its so gorgeous and cozy, 
for sure one of my favorite places 


follow nina on instagram: @ninchitadze

photos by: ninuca kakabadze


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