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  • c note style with blaire ludwig
    June 1, 2023 Aisha Gunnell

    c note style with blaire ludwig

      artist and hair stylist blaire ludwig blossoms with spring in this shopping budget challenge.    describe your style: my style changes according to my lifestyle, but the through line has always been a love of mixing patterns, textures, and...

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  • bipoc creatives: enya hennings
    May 25, 2023 Aisha Gunnell

    bipoc creatives: enya hennings

      enya hennings founded the collective armscye, a group of BIPOC creatives with the goal of reorienting people with the value of their clothing.    what is armscye? armscye is a secondhand project that aims to reorient people with the...

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  • c note style with anjelica fellini
    May 11, 2023 Aisha Gunnell

    c note style with anjelica fellini

    photographer and actress anjelica fellini comprises an edgy look with a classy twist synonymous with her everyday style in this shopping budget challenge   what inspires your style? definitely my mom and grandmother's taste from their youth. i've saved a...

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  • imaginative upcycling: tania lekhraj
    March 2, 2023 Aisha Gunnell

    imaginative upcycling: tania lekhraj

    imaginative upcycling book. graphic design created by norm o’hagan. photo by leticia ferraz   inspired by the transformative nature of repurposing materials, tania lekhraj explores the concept of imaginative upcycling. through experimentation with various materials, crafts, and digital iterations, her pieces...

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  • repurposed with purpose: tilly doro
    February 9, 2023 Aisha Gunnell

    repurposed with purpose: tilly doro

      inspired by history and sustainability jewelry designer nogah rotstein breathes new life into deadstock materials creating modern, playful heirlooms with creativity and resourcefulness.   what inspired you to start tilly doro? i was living in montreal when i inherited a...

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