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hosts on stage in front of bushwig sign.


the 12th annual edition of queer culture! non-stop drag, dancing, live music & love over one iconic weekend. 

memorial for simone moss.
r.i.p simone moss
patron posing in front of brick wall.
patron posing seated selfie.
patrons posing in front of stage.
patron posing with bodysuit.
patron posing is gorgeous floral dress.
patron posing in front of their booth.
patrons posing in denim looks.
patron posing in pvc skirt set.
nicky o on stage.
performer on stage.
patron posing in two piece set.
patron posing.
patron posing on dance floor.
three patrons posing together.
patron posing in courtyard.
patron posing on bench looking into camera phone.
cute couple posing.
patrons posing in courtyard.
gorgeous perfomer.
two patrons posing.
patron posing with sausage finger gloves.
blurry shot of patrons posing.
conceptual look.
patron posing in maxi skirt.
patron posing in gorgeous makeup and vintage dress.
patron posing in front of step and repeat wall reading bushwig and trojan.
two gorgeous patrons posing.
patron posing in yellow jacket themed look.
patron posing in monochrome look and teddy bag.
performer on stage.
bushwig princess.
hosts in front of bushwig sign on stage.
three friends posing.
patron in gorgeous two piece set.
patron posing in front of stage.
performer on stage.
patron posing.
patron posing in front of bushwig sign.
patron posing in gorgeous conceptual look.
vendor posing in conceptual look.
performer in klaus nomi look.
patron at the booths.
two friends posing.
patron outside in a jumpsuit.
couple posing outside.
patron in stunning conceptual makeup.
patron in stunning red two piece with fringe.
untitled queen in a monochrome look.
group of friends posing.
performer on stage.
patron in sequin look.
tight tams swimwear booth.
dj in courtyard.
tacos vendor, delicious!
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